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The second Cats in Space album 'Scarecrow' was released in 2017. I created several pieces including the outside and inside cover gatefold paintings, in traditional hand painted style inspired by the great albums from the 1970s. Also some promotional artwork cartoon style works to promote the singles and for use in the music videos.


'Scarecrow'   Acrylic on canvas 30x20in (76x51cm)


'Inside the Mothership'  Inside Gatefold  Acrylic on canvas 30x20in (76x51cm)

Detail of the Mothership

control desk, looking down on the city and Scarecrow


More Scarecrow artwork on Page 2

Lp SLEEVE flat.png

Scarecrow was released on vinyl LP,

CD and cassette tape

Visit the Spaceship..


Cats in Space visit the art studio. How Scarecrow was done

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