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Cat pod Helmet



Cats in Space

Scarecrow Videos

Timelapse video - Painting the 'Day Trip to Narnia' album cover. Also presenting all of the finished 'Narnia' artwork to the band at Hive studios.

Daytrip to Narnia

Day Trip to Narnia Videos

Visit the Spaceship..

Atlantis packshot-30cm.png

Atlantis Videos

Timelapse video - Painting the 'Pirate Island Attack' artwork

How the Atlantis artwork was done

The new revamped Cat Pod Helmet ready for Atlantis, by Andy Kitson & Steevi Bacon


Additional Cats in Space Artwork Videos

The Acousti-Cats Kitson art exhibition at Hive studios, October 2019

Recognition from the band. A proud moment, October 2019

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