A Montage is an ideal way to depict highlights from a career, a collection of cars, important races or major achievements painted on one canvas. Some examples of Montage paintings here. See the SHOP page for all available originals or prints.


'Chevron Racing Cars'

Some of the great cars from the

history of Chevron, Sportscars, F3, F2 and F5000.


Acrylic on Canvas 30x20in (76x51cm)

Pre-War Collection.jpg

'A Pre-War Collection'

Talbots, Rileys, Altas and Delahaye.


Acrylic on Canvas 36x28in (91x71cm)


'Ayrton Senna

The Honda Years'

Ayrton Senna's F1 career with Honda powered cars.

Commissioned by

The Honda Motor Company.

Acrylic on Canvas 30x20in (76x51cm)


'Mallory Champions'

Formula One World Champions winning races at Mallory Park earlier in their careers.

Commissioned by the late Chris Meek, owner of Mallory Park.

Acrylic on Canvas 36x28in (91x71cm)


'Marshall Art'

Notable cars from Gerry Marshall's career.

Commissioned for presentation to Gerry in 2004.

Acrylic on Board 35x25in (89x63cm)

J M Pic Silverstone26 m.jpg

'Mark Webber'

A great career from Formula Ford to

F1 and Le Mans.

Commissioned by Mark Webber and his Fan Club.

Acrylic on Canvas 36x28in (91x71cm)

Mike Wilds.jpg

'Mike Wilds'

Cars raced by Mike with his 1975 F1 BRM in the centre.

Commissioned by Mike Wilds

Acrylic on Board 36x28in (91x71cm)

Strakka Racing.jpg

'Strakka Racing'

Danny Watts in Strakka Racing's Le Mans Prototypes. 

Commissioned by Strakka Racing for presentation to Danny.

Acrylic on Canvas 36x28in (91x71cm)

Royale Racing cars.jpg

'Royale Racing Cars'

Notable cars and drivers from the history of the Royale marque.

Commissioned for the front cover of

the Royale book 'Nowhere to Hide'

Acrylic on Board 30x20in (76x51cm)

Nowhere to Hide book.jpg

'Win Percy'

Favourite cars from a stellar career.

Commissioned by Win Percy

Acrylic on Canvas 45x30in (122x76cm)

Win Percy.jpg
Historic Lotus.jpg

'Lotus Collection'

A collection of Lotus Racing Cars.


Acrylic on Canvas 40x30in (101x76cm)

Jack Sears.jpg

'Eight of the Best'

Eight of Jack Sears' favourite cars he raced.

Commissioned by Jack Sears.

Acrylic on Canvas 30x20in (76x51cm)