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The third Cats in Space studio album 'Daytrip to Narnia' was released in 2019. I created several pieces including the outside gatefold and inside CD digipack paintings, in traditional hand painted style inspired by the great albums from the 1970s. Also poster artwork.

Daytrip to Narnia
Day Trip to Narnia

'Daytrip to Narnia'   Acrylic on board 32x16in (82x40cm)

Daytrip to Narnia

Detail of Johnny Rocket's

bedroom wardrobe, the portal to the magical world of Narnia.

Visit the Spaceship..

Take a look at the timelapse video of the album cover being painted and band presentation.

Cats in Space

Daytrip to Narnia was released on double white vinyl LP 

and Digipack CD.

'Daytrip to Narnia Landing Site'  Acrylic on board  32x12in (81x30cm)    Sold  

Johnny Rocket's Bedroom

'Johnny Rocket's Bedroom'   Acrylic on board 30x16in (76x40cm)    Sold

Printed in the CD booklet centrespread and as a fold out poster with the double white vinyl LPs

Johnny Rocket cartoon

'The Story of

Johnny Rocket'

A cartoon strip for the LP inner sleeve, inside CD digipack, foil finish poster and T-shirt. Pen and black ink, colour added digitally.

Daytrip to Narnia
Narnia wardrobe
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