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Some examples of Andrew's work. See the SHOP page for all available originals or prints.

Carlos Sainz Escort Acropolis

'Acropolis 97'

Carlos Sainz winning the Acropolis

rally in 1997 in his Ford Escort WRC.


Acrylic on Board 28x20in (71x51cm)

Marshalls Maxi World Cup Rally

'Marshall's Maxi'

The Cambridge built Marshall's Austin Maxi of Trish Ozanne, Bron Burrell and Tina Kerridge on the London to Mexico World Cup Rally 1970.

Presented to Tim & Tina Reynolds

Acrylic on Board 16x12in (40x30cm)

Rosemary Smith Louise Aitkin-Walker

'Fast Ladies'

A montage depicting the Austin Maxi of Rosemary Smith on the London to Mexico World Cup Rally 1970, and Louise Aitken-Walker in her Vauxhall Astra on the RAC Rally 1990.

Sold at auction.

Acrylic on Canvas 36x28in (91x71cm)

Monte Minor Rally Prefect

'Monte Minor Rally'

A Ford Prefect 107E on the Monte Minor rally in Kent 1970.


Acrylic on Board 16x12in (40x30cm)

Historic Rally Porsche

'Historic Rally 911'

The Porsche 911 of Peter Smith on a Historic rally in Belgium.


Acrylic on Board 24x18in (61x45cm)

Austin A40 John Fowler

'Historic A40'

The Austin A40 of John Fowler on a Historic rally in East Anglia.


Acrylic on Board 16x12in (40x30cm)

The Late Apex MG

'The Late Apex'

A ficticious scene of a vintage MG on a time trial in the USA, passing the 'Late Apex' motorsport themed pub.


Acrylic on Canvas 30x20in (76x51cm)

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